Our sustainability commitment

By 2040, the global population is expected to rise by over 34 percent to almost 9.2 billion, increasing demand for products that make modern living possible, while putting more pressure on limited and precious resources.


Sustainable development will help meet these future needs responsibly. It’s about trying to protect future generations and providing opportunities for them to flourish. Sustainability principles are deeply embedded in our business and have helped guide the way we operate for decades. They provide economic opportunities, products that people need and want, and improve the communities where we live.

ExxonMobil’s primary responsibility is to produce the energy and products the world needs in a responsible manner. Our approach to sustainability focuses on six key areas: 

  • Corporate governance 
  • Safety, health and the workplace
  • Managing the risks of climate change 
  • Environmental performance 
  • Community engagement and human rights 
  • Local development and supply chain management

Many people, organizations and communities are impacted directly by, and have a direct influence on, our business. Engaging with, and listening to, our stakeholders helps us understand their multiple viewpoints and perspectives. We report the challenges we face and report our performance to our customers, neighbors, shareholders and employees in our annual Corporate Sustainability Report. Regular stakeholder engagement helps us continue to improve our company and remain a responsible corporate citizen.


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