Our products' contributions 

Our products play a key role in enabling the manufacture of affordable, sustainable and safe products that are helping to meet the growing demands of an increasing global population. They are moving the world forward by supporting economic growth, enhancing opportunity and improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

So that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today, we focus on developing solutions that can make a positive contribution to sustainable development. Through shared values, collaboration across the value chain and new partnerships, we are helping customers develop sustainable solutions that provide a competitive advantage across a range of industries including automotivepackagingbuilding and construction, and consumer goods.   


Solutions include:

  • Lightweight plastics and high-performance tires that support the automotive industry’s drive to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions
  • Thin, durable packaging films that keep food fresh, helping to reduce food waste
  • House-wrap technology that improves building energy efficiency, helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions
  • Materials that are safe, even in sensitive consumer goods like hygiene products and medical applications


Our products are playing an increasingly vital part in the automotive industry’s drive to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions through lower weight cars, enhanced engine efficiency and tires that perform better. These products can also help reduce energy use and improve scrap recycling during manufacturing. 

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Our products are increasingly being used to produce lightweight, durable packaging solutions that can use less material and energy, reduce waste (packaged goods and packaging material) and offer opportunities for recycling. In the case of food and beverages, our products can extend shelf life, reduce spoilage and protect food longer, compared to alternatives such as aluminum, glass and paper. 

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Building and construction

Our products are increasingly being used to produce construction materials that are more energy-efficient, more durable and better performing. Plastic materials are used extensively because they are waterproof, stable, weather-resistant, light and easy to handle. From roofing to flooring, water pipes to window seals and house-wraps to insulation, plastics can deliver energy savings and last longer than other traditional materials, reducing material use and waste. 

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Consumer goods

Collaborating with customers, designers and across the value chain, including trade associations such as the American Chemistry Council and PlasticsEurope, we are committed to helping the industry develop high-performance, sustainable consumer goods. Taking a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach, our products are being used to develop solutions that help manufacture a broad range of consumer goods.

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Product Contributions

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